Grants & Funding Opportunities for Women

NDWBC provides a platform to showcase unique funding opportunities in the market for small business owners. Discover your eligibility today. 

Presenting a critical resource for business owners seeking alternative funding options. Our team at NDWBC meticulously vets grant opportunities, providing a secure platform to explore available options. Although these grants aren’t directly affiliated with NDWBC, we take pride in amplifying visibility and accessibility to combat the significant funding challenges encountered by women business owners. Explore tailored grant opportunities crafted for women-owned businesses today.

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Survey Results - What women are saying

“Interest rates are higher than they have ever been before. I have good credit and excellent business credit and the cheapest rate is 9%. It’s just best to stay away from banks until interest rates stabilize.”

“Being rejected is a huge fear and also very discouraging.”

“I am a mother of 3 using my 9-5 to fund my business. I would like to give my business my all but without funding, I’m not able to give it my full attention.”