Our Story

NDWBC serves as a trusted and valuable resource for women business owners. See how we amplify their influence and success as they drive economic impact in their communities and across the state.

NDWBC was founded in early 2000 to assist women in rural, small businesses as they advanced with the latest technology. While our organization has evolved, our mission to advance women in the small business community has stayed the same. Over the last two decades, NDWBC continues to provide essential programs and trainings events that equip our clients with the tools, connections, and opportunities to move forward in business.

Our Vision

The leading voice, resource, and partner for women business owners.

Our Mission

Amplify the economic voice of women business owners through advocacy and access to critical resources.

NDWBC 2023 Impacts

At NDWBC, we understand that the economic well-being of our state hinges on thriving businesses, particularly those led by women. We know the health of our communities is intertwined with the success of women-owned businesses, and that when these businesses flourish, so do our towns and cities. In 2023, we worked to establish foundations for innovation and entrepreneurship, expand the perceptions of our stakeholders, and make North Dakota a beacon of inclusivity, equity, and sustainability.

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