North Dakota Women’s Business Center (NDWBC),
Privacy Policy

This privacy notice for North Dakota Women’s Business Center (doing business as NDWBC) (“Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our“), explains that we do not use your information when you use our services (“Services“), such as when you visit our website at or any website of ours that links to this privacy notice.

Personal Information

North Dakota Women’s Business Center (NDWBC) does not collect, use, share or sell visitor’s information.

Cookie Consent and Tracking Technologies

Cookie banners are small pop-up notifications that appear on the first visit to a website.Our website has a cookie consent that tells tracking technology whether or not we have permission to retarget advertisements to our visitors once they leave our site. We respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining it as you browse the internet and will not be doing any retargeting advertising.. Although our website may use cookies for essential functionalities, such as improving user experience and managing session integrity, we do not use these cookies to track your behavior outside of our site or to serve targeted advertisements.

Google Analytics

Our website uses Google services to improve the content and user experience of our site. When they integrate our services, these sites and apps share information with Google. This includes the URL of the page you’re visiting and your IP address. We may also set cookies on your browser or read cookies that are already there if you have provided consent.

Data Storage and Protection

Our website collects and stores data submitted through various forms for the purpose of processing inquiries and job applications. The data collected, which may include personal information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers, is securely stored within our database. We have implemented appropriate security measures to safeguard this data from unauthorized access, ensuring that it is protected in compliance with industry standards. Rest assured that we do not share this data with third parties unless necessary for the provision of services or as required by law. Our commitment to data security and privacy is paramount, and we continuously strive to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the information collected through our website.

Third-Party Disclosure

We absolutely do not share your data with third parties.

Data Retention

We retain cookies approved for security and functionality that allow us to better understand interaction with our services on our site and recognize important features that are fundamental to that service. Things considered fundamental to the service include preferences like the user’s choice of language, product optimizations that help maintain and improve a service, and maintaining information relating to a user’s session, such as the content of a shopping cart. Cookies used for security authenticate users, prevent fraud, and protect users as they interact with our service.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy at any time to reflect changes in the law, our data collection and use practices, the features of our services, or advancements in technology. Should any material changes be made to the policy, we will notify you by sending an email to the address you have registered with us. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices. Your continued use of our services after the dispatch of such emails constitutes your agreement to the changes and to the updated policy.

If you have questions about our privacy policy or your data, reach out to us at [email protected].