Women’s Business Summit

Join us at our signature event for connections, conversations, and training for women-business owners and their leadership teams.

About Summit

The Women’s Business Summit is our signature event designed for women business owners to accelerate business growth and deepen their connections through hands-on training and strategic networking.

As a first-year attendee and speaker, I know this is an exceptional event that connects women business owners across North Dakota.  It’s an event I won’t miss in the future! I’d love to see the event double in size next year to connect more women, so make sure to mark your calendar and attend next year!
– Kari Dunn, Owner of All In Development Company

This has been the best $500 I have spent for my business since I started. I have met so many incredible women who are smarter and know more about business than me. These women can be key figures to help grow my business. If you think you have your business all wrapped up, I promise there are women at Summit that can make your business better!

– Rebecca Moreno-Adam, Legendary Grains

These events allow me to meet other women in business who I can relate to. It allows me to feel as though I am not the only one dealing with some of the struggles.  These connections allow me to give back and share my expertise and mentor as others have done for me.

– Sandi Luck, Owner of Bully Brew Coffee House

I often think of my business as too niche for most groups. I almost did not come. However, I was encouraged by another past participant, who also feels niche. She said that regardless there is so much good that will come from attending. This meeting did not disappoint.

– Anonymous

It’s been a fantastic couple of days at the NDWBC Women’s Business Summit. The stories shared are so raw and inspiring. They have really created a safe place here for business owners to connect and share ideas to overcome challenges. The 3 days of expert connection improves business in our communities.

– Tiffanie Honeyman, Owner of OpGo Marketing



Day 1 – May 1st


2:00 AM

Opening Session

with Christy Dauer and Special Guest, Sandy McMerty


3:00 AM

Strong Women, Strong Connections – On the Go

Meet local business owners, shop, connect, and build your Summit Survival Kit along the way!


4:30 AM



5:30 AM

Schaeffer Patio

Welcome Reception

sponsored by First International Bank & Trust


6:30 AM

Day 2 – May 2nd


8:00 AM



8:30 AM

Spark Sessions A & B

A: Business Benchmarks: Understanding Your Cashflow with Tonya Holmstrom, CPA, Schmitz-Holmstrom, LLP

This session will guide you through the essential benchmarks to assess and comprehend your company’s cash flow dynamics. Gain practical insights, learn to interpret key indicators, and empower yourself with the financial knowledge needed to make informed decisions for the sustained success of your business.


9:30 AM

Founders Forums A & B

A: Business Expansion with Sandi Luck, Bully Brew Coffee House

Hear Sandi’s story on how she grew Bully Brew Coffee House from a single store to a multi-location enterprise and glean insights on what it takes for you to do the same.

B: Contract Negotiation with Shannon Michels, Karma Convenience Stores

With a handful of rural convenience stores, negotiating contracts is second nature to Shannon. Hear her story and gain insights on negotiating like a pro.


10:00 AM



10:20 AM

Spark Sessions C & D

C: Balancing Business & Brain with Dr. Josi Jenson, CORE Family Chiropractic

In this session, learn about what happens to your brain and your body when it’s overworked, over-stimulated, and stressed out. Dr. Jenson will help you discover ways to quiet the noise, calm your nervous system, and maximize your focus and productivity.

D: Business Development - Making Your Network Work for You with Kari Dunn, All In Development Company

In this session, learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships, capitalize on networking opportunities, and propel your business forward by working closely with your centers of influence.


11:30 AM

Founders Forums C & D

C: E-Commerce: Doing Business Online with Angela Skogen, Cooks on Main

Join Angela to learn about her experience in growing her retail store online, and get advice on how you can do the same.

D: Government Contracting

Ever considered working with the government? Once certified as a woman-owned business, engaging in government contracts can provide access to a stable and sizable market, fostering business growth and sustainability. Curious if it’s right for you? Learn more here!


12:00 PM

Lunch with the US Patent & Trade Office featuring Regional Director Molly Kocialski


1:00 PM

Adventures Choose one.

Signups will be sent to ticket holders before the event. First come, first served.

  • Trail Riding at Medora Stables (15 spots)

  • Guided Hike – Trail TBD

  • Ropes Course at Badlands Ministries (15 spots)

  • Mindful Movement with Sadie Schaeffer

  • Casual Conversations with Elizabeth Phares Oren


3:00 PM



5:30 PM



7:00 PM

Free Time

Day 3 – May 3rd


8:00 AM



8:30 AM

Workshops A & B

A: Maximize Your Brand with Ashton Hauff, The Good Kids

A brand is the reputation that you or your product have built over time. But unlike what it meant in the 1500’s, a brand isn’t simply the name of your product, it’s all of the intangible qualities that represent your business. It’s the feeling they have when visiting your shop, and how they talk about you to their friends when you’re not around. In this workshop, you’ll take inventory of your brand, learn if it’s working for you, and identify ways to maximize your brand power.

B: Becoming Bankable with Jessie Johnson, Bremer Bank

This workshop unlocks the keys to securing financial support for your business dreams. Led by seasoned banking professionals, this session will guide you through the essential steps to position your business as a favorable investment. Learn the strategies to enhance your creditworthiness, navigate loan processes, and build a compelling financial profile, setting you on the path to financial success and sustainable growth.


9:50 AM



10:00 AM

Workshops C & D

C: Marketing: What’s Your Plan? with Melinda Goodman, Full Tilt Marketing

This workshop is designed to guide owners in building effective marketing strategies for their small businesses. Led by Melinda Goodman, founder of Full Tilt Marketing, this session will walk you through the essentials of marketing strategy, target audience identification, impactful messaging, and using social media. Gain practical insights and leave with a solid plan to elevate your marketing efforts, enhance brand visibility, and drive meaningful engagement with your audience.

D: Building Strong Teams Through Strategic Planning: A Roadmap for Success with Elizabeth Phares Oren, NDWBC

This dynamic workshop delves into the art of creating cohesive and high-performing teams. This session offers practical insights on strategic planning to foster collaboration, communication, and productivity within your organization. Discover proven strategies and actionable steps to construct a robust team framework, ensuring sustained success and achievement of collective goals.


11:30 AM

Closing Session

Lodging & More Information

Lodging is not included in the ticket. We want you to have the power to choose where you’re most comfortable. Room blocks have been set up at the Rough Riders Hotel and Badlands Hotel. The AmericInn is another option, along with many Airbnbs. Camping spots are available, too!

A few notes

Medora is on MST. The Summit begins at 3 PM CST, or 2 PM MST on May 1st. 

The confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Please note that the email may have gone into your Junk Folder. Still haven’t received one? Reach out to us at info@ctbnd.com.

REFUND POLICY: Full refunds may be issued up to 60 days prior to the event. Half refunds may be issued up to 30 days prior to the event. Refunds are not available after 30 days prior to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us at intensives@ctbnd.com to learn more.

What is the address for Adventures

  • Trail Riding at Medora Stables – 1/2 Mile East of Medora off Pacific Ave, Medora, ND 58645

  • Guided Hike – Maah Daah Hey Trail, Sully Creek Trailhead, 1465 36th St, Medora, ND 58645

  • Ropes Course at Badlands Ministries – 3892 Bible Camp Rd, Medora, ND 58645

  • Mindful Movement – De Mores Memorial Park, Main St, Medora, ND (behind the Medora Showhall)

  • Casual Conversations, 14642 36th St, Medora ND 58645

Click here to view an interactive map of key locations!

Where is an ATM for cash bar?

The two closest ATMs to the Summit include options in the Rough Rider Hotel lounge or at the First State Bank Of Golva (head East on 3rd street).

What if I need to skip a workshop or session?

We know that owners are busy. At the same time, you don’t want to miss the questions, connections, or topics that are in the schedule. However, think of Summit as a vacation for your business, so feel free to step out of a session or skip one to meet your needs.

If you can’t or don’t want to attend, you’ll miss the important points and won’t get the value out of Summit, but of course, you are free to spend your time at Summit in the best way for yourself and your business.

How many are coming to Summit?

NDWBC is expecting around 75 attendees at this year’s Summit. NDWBC invites not only business owners, but also a community of subject matter experts and ecosystem partners who will contribute to the thought-provoking discussions. No matter who you talk to everyone has an opportunity to contribute value to your business.

When does Summit begin?

Official programming will begin on

  • Wednesday @ 2 PM MST (though check-in opens at 1 PM MST) and

  • Thursday and Friday @ 8:30 AM MST.

Breakfast will be offered at the Rough Riders Hotel before sessions start on Thursday and Friday, so feel free to attend or sleep in depending on your needs.

Is Summit breakfast included if I'm not staying at the Rough Rider's Hotel?

Yes, breakfast at the Rough Rider’s Hotel is included in your ticket price. Breakfast is invaluable networking time. Don’t miss a moment!

My car broke down, will you come and pick me up?

We are sorry to hear about this unfortunate event. Please call our Summit Help Line at 701-587-3071 to talk to our staff.

How can I find more information about business coaching?

Find an NDWBC staff member, and they will introduce you to one of our certified business coaches or you can sign up for your session online at www.ndwbc.com/business-coaching.

I can't find my confirmation email.

Your confirmation email may have gone into your Junk or Spam Folder. Check there. If you still haven’t received one, please reach out to us at info@ctbnd.com.

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely, bringing your family to Summit is a great way to write off business expenses and treat your family before Medora’s busy season, but NDWBC encourages you to cast the vision that while this is a vacation for your business it is not a vacation from your business.

Summit is an opportunity for business connections and training. Play time is a bonus. Summit’s built in purpose is to give you time to pause, relax, and recharge, and your family’s purpose is to play, explore, and relax.

I have food allergies, will I have options?

Yes, the Rough Rider Hotel will offer a variety of options to meet dietary requirements. If you are still concerned, let us know and we will connect you with Rough Riders Hotel management.

When do we have free time in the evenings?

Summit programming will conclude around 7:30-8:00 PM MST on Wednesday and Thursday.

What is GroupMe?

GroupMe is an app that we are using to help participants connect and to give you real-time updates. See your email for the link to join our chat.

Is there a mother's room available?

While not an exclusive room for mothers, our staff will have a room close to the action, so you can feed your little one or pump without disruption. Please ask our staff about how you can access it.

How does NDWBC help business owners?

I don't know anyone here, how can I get connected?

I need a refund, something came up.

Is there a shuttle from my hotel?