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Grants and in-kind support to USA start-up business ventures led by military veterans. The purpose of this program is to help veteran entrepreneurs successfully build their businesses. In addition to funding, businesses will receive support in strategic planning, operations, introductions and networking, and staffing.

Hivers & Strivers Capital’s mission is to provide early-stage financing to ventures led by U.S. military veterans.

Entrepreneurs with military experience possess highly developed leadership skills capable of building strong, successful companies. However, these skills are often underappreciated and underfunded. Hivers & Strivers Capital’s goal is to change that, and Hivers & Strivers Capital invests exclusively in veteran entrepreneurs. Hivers & Strivers Capital’s successful track record proves that veteran entrepreneurs can produce outsized returns. Hivers & Strivers Capital is industry agnostic and finance veterans from all military branches.

Hivers & Strivers Capital recognizes entrepreneurial endeavors require support early on. Hivers & Strivers Capital is founder-friendly, and Hivers & Strivers Capital leverages its extensive network to ensure the greatest opportunity for success. Beyond capital, Hivers & Strivers Capital sources key board members and advisors, provide high-level counsel from experienced industry leaders, and open doors for Hivers & Strivers Capital portfolio companies. Hivers & Strivers Capital brings the experts to the table.


You must be a military veteran to seek funding with Hivers & Strivers Capital. Hivers & Strivers Capital invests exclusively in highly scalable, startups led by U.S. military veterans. Hivers & Strivers Capital does not invest in lifestyle businesses or franchises, and Hivers & Strivers Capital shies away from cannabis and government contracting.


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January 27, 2023