Katelyn Fredrickson owner of Cousin Freddy Septic Service won’t have to worry about job security since starting her new business on February 1. 

 “Do something that nobody wants to do, and you will never have to worry about work again,” joked Katelyn. 

“I wanted something that my daughter could take over in the future. She will be able to come with and help me and see all the hard work that goes into running a business. If she doesn’t want anything to do with the business, that is fine too, but at least she will see that her mom worked hard for what she wanted,” said Katelyn. 

Cousin Freddy’s Septic Service offers affordable and clean portable toilets for events and worksites. They also provide septic pumping services around Upham, North Dakota. 

“You can’t miss our bright pink porta-potties,” Katelyn boasts. “We strive to have clean, well-kept portable units that are welcoming to our customers.” 

Katelyn started Cousin Freddy Septic Service with help from NDWBC’s free and confidential business coaching sessions.  

 “NDWBC was there right from the start when I was just trying to purchase the business. Elizabeth was amazing, helping me put together business plans and financial projections for the bank to make purchasing my business go smoothly,” said Katelyn.

“Anytime I have a question, NDWBC has an answer to help me with my business. I couldn’t have started or grown my business without them.” 

 NDWBC congratulates Katelyn on her new business and wishes her great success in the coming years. 


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