Big Idea Grant




The Big Idea Grant helps woman small business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives who want to make an impact on the world with their passion.

Each month, we give one $1,000 grant to a woman, age 18 or over, in the U.S. to invest in their Business or Idea. It can be used as a start-up grant, marketing grant, operational grant, or whatever you need to help you to the next level with your idea or business.

Each grant submission will be reviewed with an emphasis on these elements:

  • Vision – What is your Big Idea/Vision? (40%)

  • Passion – Why is this important to you? (40%)

  • Use – How will you utilize the grant money (20%)

  • Special Gift – ALL applicants will receive a one-month free membership in our woman entrepreneur mindset coaching group, with world-class mindset mentoring to help you manifest your dream 10x faster.

Mindset is a critical factor in achieving lasting success. That’s why we want to give you a head start in succeeding in your dream. Our program goes beyond the traditional coaching approach by providing you with the powerful strategies and techniques to cultivate an abundance mindset—a mindset that attracts opportunities, wealth, and growth into your business to help you manifest your dream/idea 10x faster while offering an inspiring, supportive space of like-minded creative women with which to connect!


This grant is for women entrepreneurs, women small business owners, and women-owned businesses, ages 18+, within the United States. Your business can already be started or in the idea stage.


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January 31, 2024