Interview with HexaHive Owner, Jade Scherr

NDWBC caught up with Jade Scherr, owner of HexaHive to ask her about business ownership.


We’re a marketing agency that approaches marketing differently. Many agencies give their clients just what they ask for (typically a surface fix) but don’t always look deeper to find what they truly need (a foundational fix).


At HexaHive, we pride ourselves on getting to the root of what’s standing in our client’s way and helping build solutions that set them up for long-term success. Many companies may start their journey with us wanting one thing but leaving with something much more valuable – finding out that “I want a website” was actually “I need to know how to best approach marketing and to have a clear funnel for how marketing is converting to customers.”


There’s no business exactly like yours; you have unique strengths, challenges, and objectives. I founded HexaHive to help businesses discover what they truly need when it comes to marketing their unique business. We tailor our services and partnerships to your needs and goals – whether that’s doing campaigns, strategic marketing, branding, websites, or digital marketing. Ultimately, we’re really passionate about partnering with organizations for the long haul to make sure that marketing is a quality investment that helps you reach your business goals.


My inspiration comes from two different angles: personally and professionally – although I feel like professionally might not be the right word for it.

Personally, there are so many things that inspired me to start HexaHive and to continue to grow it. I want my kids to have little to regret in life so I follow my passions to set an example for them – in hopes they will one day do the same. It’s easy to make excuses and say that the timing isn’t right, you don’t know enough, or that someone else will do it – but it’s better to try something and fail than regret never trying at all. I want to set an example for others that if you see a need and are called to it, you should tackle it head-on. For me, I saw the need to approach marketing businesses differently and knew that it was now or never to jump in. I haven’t regretted it since.

Professionally, my inspiration is plain and simple – I love getting to be a part of businesses’ growth through marketing! I think this goes far beyond a traditional professional role though because of the impact our work makes on all facets of the economy. We work in all key industries, from energy to healthcare to retail and beyond. Because of this, we have a unique opportunity to better our community in North Dakota through the partnerships we have built. Marketing is an investment that should directly support the success of your business – playing a part in this success and seeing the transformation our clients have on the community is incredibly fulfilling.


Seeing our client’s success as it unfolds – from expansions to milestones to overall growth. Not only do I love seeing our clients succeed, but I also find reward in seeing HexaHive’s team members succeed. Each member of our team is committed to growing, bettering themselves, and seeking creative solutions – and that is a big reason we were voted a Top-10 Workplace in Bismarck-Mandan 2 years in a row now! A lot of agencies have a stigma of having a culture that brings burnout, so I’m beyond proud to have a team that builds a culture that harmoniously prioritizes people and quality work. You can count on us to always push ourselves further, but also to celebrate over happy hour or a good potluck as well – life’s all about balance, right?!


The future of HexaHive is ever-evolving, as is the world of marketing. We are always looking for ways to refine processes and practices, add more value for potential and current clients, and help our team continue to grow. I’m really excited to see the value that comes as we start to publicly roll out Strategic Marketing Guides – a unique guide custom-built for your business to identify exactly how your business should be marketing itself. A Strategic Marketing Guide combines all of the essential (but often overwhelming) marketing staples into an easy-to-act-on guide that evaluates everything you’ve done leading up to it and what to do now. It provides clear guidance on what marketing channels you should be using, what to prioritize and talk about, what your content should look like, and so much more. We’ve already seen clients save tens of thousands of dollars by removing marketing channels that weren’t effective, and other clients have seen their marketing go from non-measurable to having a clear impact on increasing their revenue. Long story long, I think it’s going to be a game-changer for businesses in North Dakota, and can’t wait to start partnering with more businesses on it.


I was a graduate of 2019’s NDWBC’s Women’s Leadership Program and the experience has played a vital role in where I am today. At the time, I joined the program, I was intimidated by my age and felt like I was too young to make a real impact as a leader. The program helped me build the confidence and tools I needed to take the leap to entrepreneurship. I have continued my relationship with ND Women’s Business Center and they have been nothing short of an incredible asset – from webinars, networking opportunities, events, and so much more.

In 2022, I proudly became a Certified Woman-Owned Business through NDWBC. They made the process easy and connected me with a network of other woman-owned businesses that I can learn with and grow from. Overall, I know that I can always count on the Women’s Business Center for its resources, guidance, and tips when it comes to navigating my business.


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