Bright Futures Learning Centers is approaching its 10th anniversary in July. They annually provide high-quality care and educational opportunities for nearly 400 children in their two locations in the Fargo area. NDWBC interviewed Bright Futures Learning Centers owner and operator Chelsey Steinlicht on the secret to her successes and where the desire to start and grow Bright Futures came from.

 “After being in an environment which modeled different business values, I quickly learned that to have the quality of program I desired, I needed to create my own business,” said Chelsey. “My parents will tell you that I had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. As the daughter of a business owner, I was given the early example that working hard, persevering, and following your passion will help you accomplish your dreams.”

Chelsey is an NDSU graduate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Child Development, holds a Master’s in Teacher Leadership from the University of Mary, and has obtained the National Director Credential from McCormick Center for Early Childhood Literacy. With 17 years of industry experience, entrepreneurship has been the vehicle that has allowed her to offer game-changing solutions to her community. 

“Creating Bright Futures allowed me to take best business practices and innovative childcare concepts aspects of the program it allowed me to influence and make positive changes for the parent and child experience in the early childhood years. I am most proud of the impact our team creates while supporting education in early childhood and celebrating diverse family life.”


When asked what she is most proud of in her business Chelsey said, “we believe that all children deserve to have access to quality educational opportunities which promote social skills, emotional regulation, academic learning, and personal growth. I am extremely proud of the impact our team has made in our community as a leader in early childhood education.” 

Chelsey cites meaningful opportunities and connections as a benefit of partnering with NDWBC to grow her business. Recently she attended the 2023 Women’s Business Summit held in Medora “which was an incredible experience for both networking and rejuvenation.” 

NDWBC congratulates Chelsey on her service and success with Bright Futures Learning Centers.  

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