Are you looking for ways to support women-owned this holiday season? NDWBC has you covered! Here are five easy ways to support North Dakota women and communities:

Owner of Givinity Press, Ellen Jean Diederich publishes boxed notecards of her paintings. Sending these stunning water color cards supports a woman-business owner and sends your cozy greetings. You can buy her books, cards or paintings at

1. Shopping Woman-Owned

Do your research and set your budget to support local, women-owned businesses this season. Before making a purchase, take the time to find out if the company is women-owned, and look for certifications or badges on their website or social media pages.

2. Spreading the word

Tell your friends and family about your favorite local businesses and encourage them to patronize them. Your recommendations carry weight and can help others find new favorites.

3. Leaving a positive review

Leaving a review is a simple, but powerful way to contribute to small businesses. Google and social media are great places to recommend their businesses and pages. So take a few minutes to leave them a positive review. It helps them attract new customers and grow their business.

4. Engaging on social media

Be sure to follow businesses on social media. Engaging with their posts through reactions, comments, and shares is a simple way that you can promote their businesses in the algorithm and show your support. Social platforms have even made it easier to invite your list of friends to like the small business’s social page with a click of a button.

Owner of Kidder Creations, Anne Kidder helps busy women connect with family and friends through personalized, handcrafted gifts. Consider her Personalized Penguin Package, Christmas Ornaments or Custom Stockings for a gift that shows a special touch.

5. Participating in local events

Many local businesses host trivia nights, live music, art shows, and other activities. Attending these events, and inviting your friends along, ensures you have a great time, and supports your local business owner and economy. Mark your calendar and send an invite today!

Supporting local women-owned businesses is not only simple, but it is fun, too. Small business is the backbone of our economies. Shopping locally builds connections, memories, and a strong community. Don’t wait, try it today!