If you are a woman-owned business, getting your business certified in North Dakota can offer many strategic benefits. While there are many reasons, NDWBC has compiled its top five reasons to certify your woman-owned business


Government agencies, corporate businesses, and some state and local agencies make a point to set aside a certain portion of their contracts for women-owned and minority businesses. By getting certified, you have the opportunity to increase visibility and credibility for these contracts that could offer your business a stable and predictable revenue stream. (READ MORE 5 Tips For Small Business Government Contractors) We recommend talking with the agency posting the contract in your industry to see if they would accept the state women-owned certification.

Sarah West, owner of Light Consulting smiles with her new certification. All certifications are framed and mailed to business owners upon approval.

For example, the owner of Total Quality Maintenance, Inc., Ellen Glood, located in Rapid City, SD, shared with us that their business has won several contracts and credits NDWBC’s fast, simple, and affordable certification in part for giving her the edge over her competition across the Midwest. 


Many banks and corporations have programs that offer loans, mentoring, and other resources specifically for women-owned businesses. Being at least 51% women-owned and certified may help you qualify for these programs. 

To learn more about grants and programs for women business owners, search through NDWBC’s Funding Opportunities platform. On Friday’s NDWBC features unique funding opportunities that we share with small business owners just like you.   


Holding a certification can help you stand out in a crowded market. Many corporations, state, and government agencies actively seek out certified woman-owned businesses to work with.  

With your North Dakota certification, you can post your status as a certified women-owned business on your website with your official logo, on your front door with a complimentary window cling, and hang your certification with distinguished honor on any wall in your business.  

Diane J Hochhalter Studios is proud to own a North Dakota Certified Women-Owned Business.


Your certification can open doors to networking events and conferences that are specifically for women-owned businesses. This can help you make valuable connections and partnerships. 

NDWBC prides itself on creating opportunities to connect women business owners. As a North Dakota Certified Woman-Owned Business, enjoy discounts to our events and be the first to know when we release tickets to our signature annual event, the Women’s Business Summit.


A certification adds credibility to your business and shows that you are committed to diversity and inclusion, helping you attract new customers and retain existing ones.  

NDWBC is pleased to offer the North Dakota Women-Owned Certification to business owners who can prove that a woman (or women) has majority ownership and control of a business entity (at least 51%). 

Don’t miss out on these benefits. Consider certifying your woman-owned business today!