March 5th – 11th

To kick off women in construction week, we are spotlighting a powerhouse woman business owner, Paula Klein! Paula is the owner of Smartt Interior Construction based in Fargo, ND. Smartt is an interior construction contractor specializing in prefab interior build-outs for commercial projects from corporate to education and healthcare. Smartt does projects all over the tri-state region and has also worked on projects across the United States.

Founded in 2011, Smartt chose to specialize in prefab buildouts using modular wall assemblies, glazing, doors, casework, prefab power and data. It’s unique approach provides flexibility in the future for the clients to future proof their buildings.

When we asked Paula what she is most proud of she shared, “We are most proud of the fact that we have stuck with our approach to construction since the beginning. We did not stray from our focus of providing a prefab and flexibile construction solution and we have now become an expert in our field. We are honored to work alongside many women in the industry and to watch the amount of women involved continue to grow.”

We at NDWBC recognize the immense dedication and initiatives of women within the construction industry and asked Paula, what it meant to her to represent the business community as a woman in construction? Paula shared, “We want to lead by example and encourage more women to look at our industry. The work is rewarding and from what we have seen, women are really good at it.”