Verizon Small Business Digital Ready




Grants of $10,000 and in-kind support to USA small businesses to promote growth and success in the digital economy. Applicants are required to participate in courses and training prior to submitting an application. The purpose of this program is to provide businesses with a wide range of resources and support to help small businesses thrive. The program offers coaching and mentorships with industry experts, as well as networking opportunities.

Digital Ready is Verizon’s online curriculum designed to give small businesses the personalized tools to succeed in today’s digital world. Learning modules, expert coaching, peer networking, access grant opportunities throughout the year and more—it’s all here, and it’s all part of Verizon’s goal to provide resources to help one million small businesses thrive in the digital economy.


Our program helps small businesses thrive by offering free and quick online business courses on marketing, finance, efficiency and more, as well as networking and expert coaching.


  • 6/28/2024


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October 26, 2023