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Cadence Cash is proud to introduce the Cadence Cash Thrive Grant, a quarterly program aimed at supporting small businesses that contribute positively to their communities.
We understand the vital role these enterprises play, from creating new jobs to developing innovative products, increasing tax revenue, and enhancing accessibility to goods and services. This is why we’re offering a $5,000 grant every quarter to help these businesses continue their remarkable work.
The Thrive Grant places a special emphasis on small businesses making a significant impact in underrepresented communities or communities of color. Don’t miss this opportunity to secure the funds needed to scale up your community impact.


  • Your business must have a demonstrated impact on its community, such as creating new jobs, innovating new products, or making products and services more accessible.
  • We strongly prefer businesses operating for at least 1 year.
  • Your business must be generating revenue (Minimum annual revenue of $35,000 preferred)
  • We strongly prefer businesses directly impacting underrepresented communities.
  • The business must be formed under United States law and operate within the United States.


  • 7/31/2024

  • 10/31/2024

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June 13, 2024